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How to make an interesting and creative business cards

Here are 10 tips to make an interesting business cards:

  1. Keep the basic design principles: e.g: set your image/photo in 300 dpi, work in CMYK format, ensure your minimum text / font size to maintain legibility.

  2. Explore and get creative within the constrained

  3. Avoid common mistakes / pitfalls, e.g: always incorporate a bleed on your design, don't use a straightforward border around the entire card as this will show up any misalignment in the trim if the card isn't perfectly cut.

  4. Use special finishes, e.g: use special finishes such as spot UV, metallic inks, hot stamping/foil, embossing/debossing.

  5. Cut into your card, e.g: you can apply special cut / die-cut into your card

  6. Try out unusual materials

  7. Make it useful, think that your card can function as something else maybe bookmarks

  8. Make your own

  9. Use recycle card / stocks, an interesting recycle stocks can make your card looks standout

  10. Double check your artwork, last but not least always check your design / spelling / format before you send them into printer to avoid any disappointment later on.

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